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VPN introduction
1. What is VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is an increasingly popular form of proxy for security and to stay anonymous on net. VPN is a tunnel over the Internet. Each VPN connection is totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities anonymous and safe. VPN internet access is an attractive option for people worried about their security and privacy.
2. What are the benefits of using VPN?
a. Provides a layer of security and anonymity.
b. Prevents local ISP from regulating your connection.
c. Prevents harassment from people tracking you by your IP address.
d. Safe/encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet.
e. Access blocked sites and bypass proxy and content filters.
f. Internet Service Provider won’t know you are using it.
g. Your office or school won’t know you are using it either!
h. Bypass Skype/MSN blocks.
i. Skype sound quality may improve with a VPN connection.
j. Visit all blocked/censored websites.
3. How does VPN work?
The VPN connection behaves like this:
You connect to the Internet in the normal manner, through your ISP.
The VPN client software on your computer initiates a connection with the VPN server.
The VPN server encrypts the data on the connection so it cannot be read by others while it is in transit.
The VPN server decrypts the data and passes it on to other servers and resources.

[Unlimited] [Free] SSH Science Internet account, used up to December this year

This is a Chinese friend to provide American ssh account, welcome, if you have questions, please tell me! Thank you

Address:  USA SSH ACCOUNT Montana Sharktech 
Saved to the file, followed by ProxyCap transit on the line
Can be used to December
Server IP:
Authentication Key:
  2. MIIEowIBAAKCAQEAraNQosjB54DHyxS0tEhqV4mw3wV5pHW+bh+N0igteeddnQlU
  3. U/wrmCaYSKpQcRxs6vYynIpTAPuZM7U8AXkLTI92CAcVPdL+OVUpzxhxgjOU+lCU
  4. Y17IJTi6MC2jGHFRw8rdDIYPtgQD2PBVN8nTC1PooJy5tT2bYeh4zxonPmXoKgEk
  5. DAMJqLOaJnQExQWmCdIV+3C/YJXpyMlz3BRLp1foFRMyCQY/PqM6zjSeN5s0WeTs
  6. i8CBVlEcV9xHgYpAsH6sTpRS65GWmKk3Eu1yOrwZIAQEM7Ffq/SXQ1oupEDK7X+N
  7. 6ROoTmeWtDA4mouKj9bizRv27Of6mHr72kO1gQIDAQABAoIBAGYg/+WvNTXILjuJ
  8. gzviuAGi8BBNNR4BTy+QiacJkK354rrh6OK5GJ8WXE2pN0VAVePhSSV/ypBya8rZ
  9. F2E6Y+X1H5RbLig9+N+Z8sxncSQG2OJeENldv1T9R63cueg/hrslj9y04XrKY8Tu
  10. nwEASYyJHvORGz257bGpvZz6ogh1idfVWjPNFhHQAUFd30HxOvatEhPxqW7gtb5e
  11. 6JlkKba5o+QCCPzh+hmjAViPnZn+IVPXFRciHgSMpFX8WWInMX5teUppRjKQ/Cwp
  12. UHNp2vcUIFPkJ9VjQLya9wuDuzxCusHPQ8Y5cVuXmvdvVWdZebXvgiVcOuzmq+Io
  13. PejcjT0CgYEA3B7UQpaMDJDvgLm1CJm6HNSDvhEvL7d1Q15LwSk3xkbTZCIQp+Iq
  14. RR5tVxPI2O5AXRoLVGrw60T9BcSbtapCQjL/NU+MnNM+bQC39+BBfWqwa3b9uvOY
  15. jIGu3FJ7Y5BIv4EQzGjJG0QnbffrA0rrqVoYxVk0dJre7h/zRoLMRGMCgYEAyfDe
  16. OLlIg5rxf5dZSJWho+uAbToKATIdki+r/NpRkMmUasgCJCZEuQ0EQMZgHu7BvPT5
  17. UDO6++uFqnOb2eNxtBWRvk+GXnpofT7i/1FP90bqp8haz6HgG5ojs+ywEuPLKAYY
  18. +vbtzwpdH+Aw2pmzpnqLYc4oBSwHuoF36I02CcsCgYBcrjZdGxo4qEXPg2GwD1oH
  19. jYsy2fVuN+aNyQRIflxXhba38IfmyBlYJOmQwmnMvPQovzCKCMULqm6GoTOWl+ty
  20. CBrgjW/9EAy2xJixK6End2Z0uRM4Rhyy/F9tsOT3FOcsiuFRz8TtUBLyAHLZXhA/
  21. rAnF/jtR5Wt8A8Pgqm3rVQKBgCvtaWmNZGi8W6wVkCZp5i9yGw2ngmWgMS6LkC4A
  22. j52fO9m+iDi02l4mprYwcNhJt3sTDuiTWClUok7htxU+lI1H49wyEFic5/3WoCpJ
  23. 1ctEcebtflOMMuPOM9X/to1lX9vk96of7LsM1hUI/5eNt7aPEaLE5Y+6dDPt1deQ
  24. YCDhAoGBAMINgC7Wb0l7S6UxDBXpE29wmqv6o/pJkhdCu7MsOLM/TXii0mzBlIjM
  25. 0H/o6PP5UDcATJ9HetMF95l9+NAbxBNXvjxZpbdmdHemGor5To3A3IISKlPPd0/I
  26. mXATX29+j/ip7GxjQPtLmWbCxqNuVUxJH6AGdbSmgg0KnEZe55mW


Germany SSH server, Frankfurt free ssh unmetered bandwidth

Our German Free ssh service is basically an account that would allow you to connect to a server located in Germany. Once connected you will be assigned a German IP address and all your internet traffic will be encrypted using 

You will still need an internet connection but you will bypass internet filtering, restrictions and log keeping (if your ISP keeps logs). Some countries that block websites are Turkey, Thailand, China, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon and list keeps growing.
IPv4 connection address:
IPv6 connectivity Address: 2001:67 c: 2b0: db32: 0:1:5 ef9: ca8d
User Name: vpnyou
Password: click get
Port: 3389


Tokyo Free Vpn, Japan free vpn server – PPTP/L2TP/L2TP IPSec – 100Mbps

The VPN English stands for "Virtual Private Network", the translation is "virtual private network". Name implies, virtual private network, we can understand it as a virtual enterprise internal hotline.
vpn is the most direct role "over the wall" to a lot of players playing abroad server (proper national dress does not play, they will not let you play you have to play) must use a VPN proxy can login. There are also blocked by the GFW site must also use VPN to link.
How to connect VPN proxy? First, you must have the VPN address and the authorized account With VPN address and account number, you can perform the following steps to connect.

IPv4 connection address:
The IPv6 connectivity Address: 2001:67 c: 2b0: db32: 0:1:321 f: f0b9
User Name: vpnyou
Password: get pass
IPSec key: vpnyou


Google Chrome to Add password protected bookmarks

If your computer is used by multiple users, you sometimes may want to protect “sensitive” data from the prying eyes of others. While it is recommended to use user profiles, it is quite common that a family uses a single profile for all of its work on the computer for instance.

Bookmarks are usually not the top priority when it comes to protecting data from other users who have access to a system, but if you want to make sure that a couple of bookmarks are not accessible to other users or people walking by you may want to give a solution like Secure Bookmarks for Google Chrome a trial run.

The extension adds an icon to Chrome’s address bar after installation. The first thing you need to do after installation is to set a password to protect the data. Once that is out of the way you can start adding websites to the storage with a click on the icon and the selection of create new bookmark.

secure bookmarks chrome

The program adds the website you are currently on by default which you can modify manually if you want. You can also edit any existing bookmark at any time.

You may have noticed by now that the extension ignores the current bookmarks. An import is missing unfortunately which may mean that you need to open existing bookmarks in Chrome again to add them to the secure bookmarks extension.

To open an existing bookmark, simply left-click on the icon and then on the bookmark. This opens it in the same tab, if you prefer it to open in a new tab, hold down the Ctrl-key while you click on the bookmark.

The order of bookmarks can be ordered via drag and drop but there is no option to use folders to sort bookmarks. The options let you export and import bookmarks to the browser, and change the password.

The main menu has an option to clear all bookmarks at once and to sign out which you can do to block access to the bookmarks while Chrome is open. You are automatically signed out when the browser is closed.


Socks 4 proxy list 2013.3

The main differences between SOCKS5 and SOCKS4 are:

- SOCKS4 doesn't support authentication while SOCKS5 has the built-in mechanism to support a variety of authentications methods.

- SOCKS4 doesn't support UDP proxy while SOCKS5 does.

- SOCKS4 clients require full support of DNS while SOCKS5 clients can rely on SOCKS5 virtual private server to perform the DNS lookup.

Checked by Socks Proxy Checker

Timeout: 5s

[Socks 4 List (70)]   LT   297ms   US   421ms   US   438ms   US   484ms   US   484ms   US   500ms   US   547ms   US   547ms   CA   562ms   US   563ms   US   578ms
/>   US   578ms   US   593ms   FR   609ms   US   641ms   US   657ms   US   671ms   US   703ms   US   765ms   US   797ms   US   829ms   US   844ms   US   860ms   US   875ms   US   907ms   US   907ms   US   969ms   US   985ms   US   1047ms   GR   1047ms   CO   1062ms   JP   1187ms   US   1188ms   US   1203ms   AU   1360ms   US   1438ms   CN   1516ms   US   1516ms   CN   1594ms   US   1625ms   US   1625ms   CN   1687ms   CN   1687ms   RU   1688ms   CN   1718ms   CN   1797ms   US   1860ms   IN   2063ms   US   2063ms   CN   2079ms   US   2094ms   CN   2141ms   US   2219ms   US   2312ms   US   2422ms   US   2687ms   JP   2688ms   US   2765ms   US   2797ms   US   2860ms   CN   3109ms   CA   3750ms   US   4375ms   US   4515ms   US   4797ms   CN   5797ms   US   6593ms   US   6860ms   US   7250ms   VN   9656ms

Socks 5 proxy list 2013.1.20

For those familiar with using SOCKS proxies, you might want to know what makes SOCKS4 different from SOCKS5. In a nutshell, version 5 of the protocol is more advanced. Here is a list of features that only apply to ver. 5:

- Authentication

- Support for UDP Proxy

- DNS requests can be sent through the proxy

Which version you use depends on the configuration of the server you're connecting to. It will either support 4, 5 or both. SOCKS4a is an extension that fixes a common name resolution problem.

Checked by Socks Proxy Checker
Timeout: 5s

[Socks 5 List (66)]   SA   422ms   GB   485ms   US   562ms   IL   562ms   ES   609ms   US   609ms   RU   625ms   US   656ms   US   688ms   US   750ms   US   781ms   --   782ms   US   797ms   US   828ms   US   937ms   US   938ms   US   968ms   US   968ms   RU   984ms   US   985ms   --   1016ms   --   1016ms   --   1016ms   US   1062ms   US   1094ms   CN   1110ms   US   1204ms   US   1250ms   CA   1250ms   RU   1282ms   US   1297ms   US   1312ms   US   1328ms   US   1328ms   DK   1562ms   US   1609ms   US   1766ms   CN   1781ms   CN   1781ms   AU   1812ms   CN   1875ms   CN   1984ms   CO   2000ms   CN   2047ms   CN   2157ms   US   2265ms   US   2343ms   CN   2406ms   CN   2469ms   CN   2625ms   JP   2844ms   CN   3093ms   US   3265ms   US   3563ms   US   3625ms   CN   3734ms   VA   4032ms   US   4047ms   VE   4484ms   US   4719ms   IN   4844ms   US   5328ms   US   6453ms   CN   6469ms   IL   6735ms   US   9219ms